No Section Sub Title Author Description
1 A1 Br Genesis Brichto, S  
2 A1 Do In the Wilderness Douglas, M  
3 A1 Ka The Living Torah Kaplan, A  
4 A1 Me The Illustrated Torah Meron  
5 A1   Pentateuch and Haftarahs   Hebrew/English, Hertz Chumash
6 A1   Pentateuch and Haftarahs   Hebrew/English, Hertz Chumash
7 A1   The Soncino Chumash   Hebrew/English, chumash
8 A1   Tikkun    
9 A1   Tikkun    
10 A1   Tikkun   Hebrew
11 A1   Torah   English, JPS
12 A2 Co Joshua and Judges Cohen, A (ed.)  
13 A2 Ka Living Nevi'im: Volume 1 Kaplan, A  
14 A2   The Prophets JPS English
15 A3 Ka Living Ketuvim Kaplan, A  
16 A3 Ro Job: the story of a simple man Roth, J  
17 A3   The Psalms Cohen A (ed.) Hebrew/English
18 A3   The Writings JPS English
19 A3   Megillat Esther   Hebrew/English
20 A4 Co1 Pathways through The Bible Cohen, M  
21 A4 Co2 Pathways through the Bible Cohen, M  
22 A4   Old Testament BFBS Hebrew/English, Tanach, BFBS
23 A4   The Holy Scriptures JPS English
24 A4   The Holy Bible King James English
25 A4   The Holy Bible New Revised Standard2 English
26 A4   Old Testament  (Hebrew and English)    
27 A5 Al The Dead Sea Scrolls Allegro, J M  
28 A5 Al The World of Biblical Literature Alter, R  
29 A5 Ba The Bible: A Modern Jewish Approach Bambeger, B J  
30 A5 Br A History of Israel Bright  
31 A5 Ca Genesis and Exodus Cavendish, M  
32 A5 Ch The Book of Enoch Charles (transl.)  
33 A5 Co The World's Greatest Story Comay, J  
34 A5 Co Moses Cox, M  
35 A5 Co Moses and the Laws of God Cox, M  
36 A5 Co The Family of Abraham Cox, M  
37 A5 De Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow De Vries, S  
38 A5 En The Writings, Ketuvim English, JPS  
39 A5 Fr Who wrote the Bible Freedman, R  
40 A5 Fr Moses and Monotheism Freud, S  
41 A5 Ge Does God have a Big Toe? Gellman  
42 A5 Gi Legends of the Bible Ginzberg, L  
43 A5 Gl The Dimensions of Job Glazer, N  
44 A5 Go Great Events of Bible Times Goldstein, D  
45 A5 Go Kohelet, The Man and His World Gordis, R  
46 A5 Ha History of Our People in Bible Times Halpen  
47 A5 Ha Great Events of Bible Times Harpur, J (ed.)  
48 A5 He Battles of the Bible Herzog, C & Gichon, M  
49 A5 He The Prophets, Volume 2 Heschel,  A J  
50 A5 Ho Prophets and Seers Hooker, B  
51 A5 Ho The Sacred Writings Hooker, B  
52 A5 Ke The Bible as History Keller  
53 A5 Ke The Bible as History Keller  
54 A5 Ke Moses the Lawgiver Keneally, T  
55 A5 Ko Hebrew Man Kohler, L  
56 A5 Ma Picture Archive of the Bible Masom, (ed.)  
57 A5 Ma The Thoughts of the Prophets Mattuck, I  
58 A5 Mo Introduction to the Hebrew Bible Montefiore, C G  
59 A5 Mo The Bible for Home Reading, volume 1 Montefiore, C G  
60 A5 Mo The Bible for Home Reading, volume 2 Montefiore, C G  
61 A5 Mo The Literature of the Old Testament Moore and Brockington  
62 A5 Mo The Book of Genesis Morgenstern, J  
63 A5 Or Torah and Tradition, Volume 1 Orenstein and Frankel  
64 A5 Or Torah and Tradition, Volume 2 Orenstein and Frankel  
65 A5 OU The Apocrypha (revised version) OUP World's Classics  
66 A5 Pe In the Footsteps of Moses Pearlman, M  
67 A5 Pe In the Footsteps of the Prophets Pearlman, M  
68 A5 Rd Atlas of the Bible Readers Digest  
69 A5 Rh The Prophets and the Law Rhymer, J  
70 A5 Ri A Hidden Revolution Rivkin, E  
71 A5 Ro The Story of the Writings Rosen, J  
72 A5 Sa The Hebrew Scriptures, anthology of essays Sandmell, S  
73 A5 Sc Selections from the Bible 1 Schloss  
74 A5 Sc Selections from the Bible 2 Schloss  
75 A5 Sc Selections from the Bible 3 Schloss  
76 A5 So When the Jewish People was Young Soloff, M  
77 A5 Wi The Dead Sea Scrolls Wise, M  
78 B Fi Gateway to the Mishnah Fishman, I  
79 B St The Talmud - Reference Guide Steinsalz, A  
80 B St The Talmud - Tractate 1 Bava Metzia Part 1 Steinsalz, A  
81 B1 Kr Pirke Avot Kravitz, L  
82 B1 Le1 The World of Midrash Lehrman, S  
83 B1 Le2 The World of Midrash Lehrman, S  
84 B1 Ne And We Sat Down Neusner, J  
85 B1 Ne The Talmudic Anthology Newman, L (ed.)  
86 B1 St The Essential Talmud Steinsaltz, A  
87 B1   Talmud vol I Tractate Bava Metzia 1 Steinsalz, A  
88 B1   Talmud vol II Tractate Bava Metzia 2 Steinsalz, A  
89 B1   Talmud vol III Tractate Bava Metzia 3 Steinsalz, A  
90 B1   Talmud vol IV Tractate Bava Metzia 4 Steinsalz, A  
91 B1   Talmud vol IX Tractate Ketubot 3 Steinsalz, A  
92 B1   Talmud vol VI Tractate Bava Metzia 6 Steinsalz, A  
93 B1   Talmud vol VII Tractate Ketubot 1 Steinsalz, A  
94 B1   Talmud vol VIII Tractate Ketubot 2 Steinsalz, A  
95 B1   Talmud vol X Tractate Ketubot 4 Steinsalz, A  
96 B1   Talmud vol XI Tractate Ketubot 5 Steinsalz, A  
97 B1   Talmud vol XIII Tractate Ta'anit 1 Steinsalz, A  
98 B1   Talmud vol XIV Tractate Ta'anit 2 Steinsalz, A  
99 B1   Talmud vol XIX Tractate Sanhedrin 5 Steinsalz, A  
100 B1   Talmud vol XV Tractate Sanhedrin 1 Steinsalz, A  
101 B1   Talmud vol XVII Tractate Sanhedrin 3 Steinsalz, A  
102 B1   Talmud vol XVIII Tractate Sanhedrin 4 Steinsalz, A  
103 B1   Talmud vol XX Tractate Sanhedrin 6 Steinsalz, A  
104 B1   Talmud vol XXI Tractate Sanhedrin 7 Steinsalz, A  
105 B1   Babylonian Talmud    
106 B1   Mishneh Torah    
107 B1   Studies in the Aggadah and Folk Literature    
108 C Ka The Nothing that is Kaplan, R  
109 C1 Bu 10 Rungs Buber, M  
110 C1 Bu For the Sake of Heaven Buber, M  
111 C1 Bu I and Thou Buber, M  
112 C1 Bu On Judaism Buber, M  
113 C1 Bu The Prophetic Faith Buber, M  
114 C1 Bu The Way of Response Buber, M  
115 C1 Bu The Way of Response Buber, M  
116 C1 Cr A Woman's Kabbalah Crowley, V  
117 C1 Fr Martin Buber's Life and Work Freedman, M  
118 C1 Ha Kabbalah and Exodus Halevi  
119 C1 Ha A Kabbalistic Universe Halevi, Ze'ev ben Shimon  
120 C1 Ha Kabbalah, Tradition of Hidden Knowledge Halevi, Ze'ev ben Shimon  
121 C1 Ha The Anointed Halevi, Ze'ev ben Shimon  
122 C1 He A Passion for Truth Heschel, A  
123 C1 Ho The Way of Splendour Hoffman, E  
124 C1 Ja Jewish Mystical Testimonies Jacobs, L  
125 C1 Ja Jewish Mystical Testimonies Jacobs, L  
126 C1 Sh Origins of Kabbalah Sholem, Gershon  
127 C1 Sh The Kabbalah and its Symbolism Sholem, Gershon  
128 C1 Sh The Kabbalah and its Symbolism Sholem, Gershon  
129 C1 Sh The Messianic Idea in Judaism Sholem, Gershon  
130 C1 Sh Zohar Sholem, Gershon ed.  
131 C1 St The Thirteen-Petalled Rose Steinsaltz, A  
132 C1 We 9½ Mystics - The Kabbalah Today Weiner, H  
133 C1 Xx Der Sohar    
134 C1 Zo Zohar - the Book of Enlightenment    
135 C2 Gr Tormented Master Green, A  
136 C2 Ka Jerusalem Kaplan  
137 C2 Ka Waters of Eden Kaplan, A  
138 C2 La Nine Gates Langer, J  
139 C2 Na Gems of Rabbi Nachman Nachman  
140 C2 Na Gems of Rabbi Nachman Nachman  
141 C2 Na Gems of Rabbi Nachman Nachman  
142 C2 Ra A Guide to Hasidism Rabinowitz  
143 C2 Sc Memoirs Schneerson, J  
144 C2 Wi Souls on Fire Wiesel, E  
145 C3 Be The Essence of Judaism Beck, L  
146 C3 Le The Legends of Israel Levner, J  
147 C3 Ra The Folklore of the Jews Rappoport, A S  
148 C3 Ta Studies in Jewish Folklore Talmadge, F (ed.)  
149 D Br Jewish Civilization - Essays and Studies Branner, R  
150 D Br Concepts of Judaism Breuer, I  
151 D Co The Natural and Supernatural Jews Cohen  
152 D Di The Indestructible Jews Dimont, M  
153 D Dr Their Hollow Inheritance Drazin, M  
154 D El Toward a Jewish Theology of Liberation Ellis, M  
155 D Fa Encounters Between Judaism and Modern Philosophy Fackenheim, E  
156 D Fa To Mend the World Fackenheim, E  
157 D Fr The Jewish Philosophy Reader Frank, D  
158 D Go The Jewish Expression Goldin  
159 D Go The Root and the Branch Gordis, R  
160 D Ha Philosophia Judaica Ha'am, A  
161 D Ha The Kuzari Halevi, J  
162 D He God in Search of Man Heschel, A  
163 D He A Passion for Truth Heschel, A J  
164 D Hu Philosophical Essays Huisk, I  
165 D Ja Jewish Thought Today Jacobs, L  
166 D Ja We Have Reason to Believe Jacobs, L  
167 D Ka Judaism as Civilization Kaplan  
168 D Kt Comments and Trends in Contemporary Jewish Thought KTAV  
169 D Le Judaism, Jewish Values and the Jewish State Leibovitz  
170 D Le Difficult Freedom Levinas, E  
171 D Lo Studies in Rationalism, Judaism and Universalism Loewe  
172 D Ma Judaism on Trial Maccoby, H  
173 D Ph Philosophia Judaica Philo  
174 D Pi The Absent Mother Pirani, A (ed.)  
175 D Po The Jewish Mind Potain  
176 D Ro The Star of Redemption Rosenzweig  
177 D Sc A Modern Interpretation of Judaism Schwartz  
178 D Sh Judaism: A Sociology Sharot, S  
179 D Sh On Jews and Judaism in Crisis Sholem, G  
180 D St Eight Jewish Philosophers Stiltskin  
181 D We Ideal Prophetic Faith Weil  
182 E Ab The Jewish Mind Abrahams  
183 E Ba God and Man in Judaism Baeck, L  
184 E Be The Pharisees Beck, L  
185 E Be Wit and Wisdom of Israel Beier, E (ed.)  
186 E Be The Jews in our Time Bentwich  
187 E Be Faith and Reason Bergman, S  
188 E Be Encounters with the Jewish People Berman  
189 E Be On the Other Hand Bermant, C  
190 E Be The Jews Bermant, C  
191 E Bi Women and Jewish Law Biale, R  
192 E Bl The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Judaism Blech, B  
193 E Bl Blue Heaven Blue, L  
194 E Bl Blue Heaven Blue, L  
195 E Bl Day Trips to Eternity Blue, L  
196 E Bl My Affair with Christianity Blue, L  
197 E Bl To Heaven with Scribes and Pharisees Blue, L  
198 E Bl To Heaven with Scribes and Pharisees Blue, L  
199 E Bl How to Get Up When Life Gets You Down Blue, L and Magonet, J  
200 E Br The Synagogue Breffny, B  
201 E Br Funny … you don’t look Jewish Brichto, S  
202 E Br The Wisdom of Israel Browne  
203 E Ca Woman, Law and the Genesis Tradition Carmichael  
204 E Co Judaism, A Way of Life Cohon  
205 E Da Essays and Addresses Daiches, S  
206 E Do The World of Jewish Faith Domnitz, M  
207 E Do1 Judaism Domnitz  
208 E Do2 Judaism Domnitz  
209 E El Introduction to Jewish Law Elman, P (ed.)  
210 E En The Jewish Enigma Englander (ed.)  
211 E Ep1 Judaism Epstein, I  
212 E Ep2 Judaism Epstein, I  
213 E Fi Introduction to Judaism Fishman  
214 E Fl1 Why I am a Jew Fleg, E  
215 E Fl2 Why I am a Jew Fleg, E  
216 E Gi Jewish Law and Lore Ginsberg  
217 E Gl Franz Rosenzweig Glatzer, N  
218 E Gl The Judaic Tradition Glatzer, N  
219 E Gl The Language of Judaism Glustrom, S  
220 E Go A Year of Grace Gollanz, V (ed.)  
221 E Gr On Women and Judaism Greenberg, B  
222 E He Essays Presented to J H Hertz Hertz  
223 E He A Book of Jewish Thought Hertz, J  
224 E He On Being a Jewish Feminist Heschel, S  
225 E Ho Not by Birth alone Homolka  
226 E Jo The Spirit of Judaism Joseph, M  
227 E Ju Champions of Orthodoxy Jung, J  
228 E Ka The Saints of Qumran Kayser, R  
229 E Kl Voices of Wisdom Klagsbrun, F  
230 E Ku Choosing Judaism Kukoff, L  
231 E Ku To Life! Kushner, H  
232 E Ku When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough Kushner, H  
233 E Ku When Bad Things Happen to Good People Kushner, H  
234 E Le The Way we Think Leftwich  
235 E Le Jewish Renewal Lerner, M  
236 E Lo Confrontations with Judaism Longworth (ed.)  
237 E Ma Revolution in Judea Maccoby, H  
238 E Ma The Day God Laughed Maccoby, H  
239 E Ma From Autumn to Summer Magonet, J  
240 E Mi Explorations Mindlin & Bermant  
241 E Pe A Guide to Jewish Knowledge Pearl and Brookes  
242 E Pe A Guide to Jewish Knowledge Pearl and Brookes  
243 E Pi The Absent Mother Pirani, A (ed.)  
244 E Pr The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism Prager, D & Telushkin, J  
245 E Ra One Man's Judaism Rackman, E  
246 E Ri The Tie that Binds Ribalow, H  
247 E Ro The Religion of the Semites Robertson Smith, W  
248 E Ro Essential Judaism Robinson, G  
249 E Ro Dear David Rosen, K  
250 E Ro Treasury of Jewish Quotations Rosten, L  
251 E Ro A Big Jewish Book Rothenberg, J (ed.)  
252 E Ro Taking up the Timbrel Rothschild S & Sheridan, S  
253 E Ru The Wisdom of the Torah Runes  
254 E Sa The Gentleman and the Jew Samuel, M  
255 E Sa Belief and Action Samuel, V  
256 E Sc The Literature of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Schürer, E  
257 E Se Jewish People, Jewish Thought Seltzer  
258 E Si Where Judaism Differed Silver  
259 E Sm Money, Sex and Chicken Soup Smilg, J  
260 E So Judaism - A Very Short Introduction Solomon, N  
261 E St Jewish Religious Conflicts Stron, M  
262 E Un Judaism Unterman  
263 E Wa These Holy Sparks Waskow, A  
264 E We Torah, Earth and Trees Weskow, A  
265 E Wo Teaching your children about God Wolpe, D  
266 E Wz Voices of Jewish Emancipation WZO  
267 E Xx Springs of Jewish Wisdom    
268 F Ba Population Trends of World Jewry 1976 Bachi, R  
269 F Be The Walled Garden Berman, C  
270 F Bo Progressive Judaism Borowitz,  
271 F Br The Club Brook, S  
272 F Co Jewish Radicals and Radical Jews Cohen  
273 F Co Some Recollections of C G Montefiore Cohen, Lucy  
274 F Co1 Lily H Montagu - Prophet of a Living Judaism Conrad  
275 F Co2 Lily H Montagu - Prophet of a Living Judaism Conrad  
276 F El Humanizing Jewish Life Elkins  
277 F He Jewish Marriages and English Law Henriques  
278 F He Response to Modernity Heyer, MA  
279 F Hu The Jewish Family Album Huberman, F  
280 F Ke An English Jew: C G Montefiore Kessler, E (ed.)  
281 F Ma Beyond Survival Marmur, D  
282 F Ma1 A Genuine Search Marmur, D (ed.)  
283 F Ma1 The Essentials of Liberal Judaism Mattuck, I  
284 F Ma2 A Genuine Search Marmur, D (ed.)  
285 F Ma2 The Essentials of Liberal Judaism Mattuck, I  
286 F Ma3 The Essentials of Liberal Judaism Mattuck, I  
287 F Mo God Revealed Montagu, L  
288 F Mo Letters to Anne and Peter Montagu, L  
289 F Mo My Club and I Montagu, L  
290 F Mo The Faith of a Jewish Woman Montagu, L  
291 F Mo Liberal Judaism and Hellenism Montefiore, C G  
292 F Mo Outlines of Liberal Judaism Montefiore, C G  
293 F Pl The Rise of Reform Judaism Plaut, W G  
294 F Po Cup of Life Polack, A I  
295 F Ra A Jewish Understanding of The World Rayner, J  
296 F Ra An Understanding of Judaism Rayner, J  
297 F Ra Jewish Religious Law: a Progressive Perspective Rayner, J  
298 F Ra Judaism for Today Rayner, J  
299 F Ra The Practices of Liberal Judaism Rayner, J  
300 F Ra Judaism for Today Rayner, J D and Hooker, B  
301 F Ra1 The Practices of Liberal Judaism Rayner, J D  
302 F Ra2 The Practices of Liberal Judaism Rayner, J D  
303 F Ra3 The Practices of Liberal Judaism Rayner, J D  
304 F Sh Hear Our Voice Sheridan, S (ed.)  
305 F Si1 The Path of Life Simmons, V G  
306 F Si2 The Path of Life Simmons, V G  
307 F Zb Life is with People Zborowski & Herzog  
308 F Zb Life is with People Zborowski & Herzog  
309 G Di The new Jewish Baby Book Diamant,  
310 G Fr Laws & Customs of Israel II Friedlander, G (transl.)  
311 G Fr Laws & Customs of Israel III­ Friedlander, G (transl.)  
312 G Re The Complete Family Guide to Jewish Holidays Renberg,  
313 G Zi The Big Book of Hannukah Zion, N  
314 G Zi The Hannukah Book of Celebration Zion, N  
315 G1 Bl The Biblical and Historical Background of Jewish Customs and Ceremonies Bloch, A P  
316 G1 Ga Hillel's Happy Holidays Gamoran, M S  
317 G1 Go Holiday Tales Goldin, H  
318 G1 KT Pathways through the Jewish Holidays KTAV  
319 G1 Le The Jewish Festivals Lehrman, S M  
320 G1 Sc Guide to the Jewish Holidays Schauss, H  
321 G1 Sc The Jewish Festivals - From Their Beginnings to Our Own Days Schauss, H  
322 G1 Sc The Jewish Festivals, History & Observance Schauss, H  
323 G1 St The Jewish Holidays Strassfeld, M  
324 G1 Ze The Story of Jewish Holy Days and Customs Zeligs, D  
325 G1   The Ceremonies of Judaism    
326 G2 Ag Days of Awe Agnon, S Y  
327 G2 Ap The Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur Survival Kit Apisdorf, S  
328 G2 Fa A Guide to Succoth Fabricant, I  
329 G2 Go The Purim Anthology Goodman, P  
330 G2 Go The Rosh Hashanah Anthology Goodman, P  
331 G2 Go The Yom Kippur Anthology Goodman, P  
332 G2 He Haggadah Hebrew text  
333 G2 Id The Birnbaum Haggadah Idelson, A Z  
334 G2 Ja A Guide to Rosh Hashanah Jacobs, L  
335 G2 Ma Returning, Exercises in Repentance Magonet, J  
336 G2 Mi Tishrei Mindel, N  
337 G2 Pe A Guide to Shavuot Pearl, C  
338 G2 Ra Haggadah Rabinical Assembly  
339 G2 Ra A Feast of History Raphael, C  
340 G2 Ro Haggadah Roth, C  
341 G2 UL Haggadah ULPS (new)  
342 G2 UL Haggadah ULPS (old)  
343 G2        
344 G2   The Me-am Lo-ez Haggadah    
345 G3 Ch The Mitzvot Chill, A  
346 G3 Ec All About Jewish Holidays and Customs Eckstein, M  
347 G3 Ga Code of Jewish Law (Kitzur Shulchan Aruch) Ganzried, S  
348 G3 Ge When a Jew Celebrates Gersh, H  
349 G3 Go A Guide to the Sabbath Goldman, S  
350 G3 Id The Ceremonies of Judaism Idelson, A Z  
351 G3 Ka The Synagogue Kaploun, U  
352 G3 Ma The Jewish Home Maybaum, J  
353 G3 Mi Sabbath - the Day of Delight Milgramm, A  
354 G3 Ro When a Jew Prays Rossel, S  
355 G3 Ro The Jewish Wedding Book Routenberg and Seldin  
356 G3 Sa Putting God on the Guest list Salkin, J  
357 G3 Un Pamphlets: Mezzuzah, Intermarriage, Youth, Sabbath, Kashrut, Bar Mitzvah, Penitence, Business Ethics, Prayer, Sukkoth, Pesach, Brit Milah United Synagogues  
358 G3   Laws and Customs of Israel    
359 H Ad Service of the Synagogue III: Day of Atonement II Adler, HM (ed.)  
360 H Ad Service of the Synagogue II: Day of Atonement I Adler, HM (ed.)  
361 H Ad Service of the Synagogue IV: Tabernacles Adler, HM (ed.)  
362 H Ad Service of the Synagogue I: New Year Adler, HM (ed.)  
363 H Ad Service of the Synagogue V: Pentecost Adler, HM (ed.)  
364 H Fr Siddur Franklin, H  
365 H Ga Siddur (Spanish and Portuguese) Gaster, H (ed.)  
366 H Ja Neshama Hadasha Janner-Klausner, L (ed.)  
367 H Me Hagaddah Mendes, A (transl.)  
368 H UL Gate of Repentance ULPS  
369 H UL Hagaddah ULPS  
370 H UL Siddur Lev Chadash ULPS  
371 H   Service of the Synagogue: Rosh Hashanah 1906 Hebrew/English
372 H   Service of the Synagogue: Yom Kippur I 1906 Hebrew/English
373 H   Service of the Synagogue: Yom Kippur II 1906 Hebrew/English
374 H   Festival Prayers V 1928 Machzor Hebrew/English
375 H   Book of Home Prayers 1961  
376 H   Machzor Rosh Hashanah Artscroll Machzor Hebrew/English
377 H   Machzor Yom Kippur Artscroll Machzor Hebrew/English
378 H   Sha'are Tefillah Duschinsky Hebrew
379 H   Children's Service Book Gollancz 1923 Machzor Hebrew/English
380 H   The Amidah Hoffman, L  
381 H   The Shema and its Blessings Hoffman, L  
382 H   Machzor Lemburg 1878 Machzor Hebrew/English
383 H   Machzor Lemburg 1879 Machzor Hebrew/English
384 H   A Little Book of Comfort for Jewish People in Times of Sorrow Montagu, L  
385 H   Forms of Prayer RSGB Siddur Hebrew/English
386 H   Machzor Vols 1-5,8,9 Sephardi Machzor Hebrew/English
387 H   The Gates of Prayer Stern Machzor
388 H   Form of Prayers Sumner 1900 Machzor Hebrew/English
389 H   Book of Prayer and Meditation ULPS  
390 H   Burial Service ULPS Hebrew/English
391 H   Gate of Repentance ULPS Machzor Hebrew/English
392 H   Liberal Jewish Prayer Book I ULPS Siddur Hebrew/English
393 H   Liberal Jewish Prayer Book II ULPS Siddur Hebrew/English
394 H   Liberal Jewish Prayer Book II ULPS Siddur Hebrew/English
395 H   Liberal Jewish Prayer Book II ULPS Siddur Hebrew/English
396 H   Liberal Jewish Prayer Book III ULPS Siddur Hebrew/English
397 H   Service for the Religion Schools of the ULPS ULPS  
398 H   Service of the Heart ULPS Siddur Hebrew/English
399 H   Services and Prayers for Jewish Homes ULPS Hebrew/English
400 H   Services and Prayers for Jewish Homes ULPS Hebrew/English
401 H   Siddur Lev Chadash ULPS Siddur Hebrew/English
402 H   Siddur Lev Chadash ULPS Siddur Hebrew/English
403 H   Festival Prayers (Rosh Hashanah) US 1925 Machzor Hebrew/English
404 H   Festival Prayers (Yom Kippur) US 1925 Machzor Hebrew/English
405 H   Festival Prayers (Shavuot) US 1929 Machzor Hebrew/English
406 H   Festival Prayers (Sukkot) US 1929 Machzor Hebrew/English
407 H   Daily Prayers US Singer Siddur Hebrew/English
408 H   Daily Prayers US Singer Siddur Hebrew/English
409 H   Children's Prayer Book for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur    
410 H   Festival Prayers: Rosh Hashanah   Hebrew/English
411 H   Festival Prayers: Yom Kippur   Hebrew/English
412 I Al The Archaeology of Palestine Albright, W  
413 I Ar The Knesset Menorah Arbel, M  
414 I Ar Israel (Colour Pictures) Arielli, A D  
415 I Ba Der Jordan Bar-Am, M Photographs
416 I Ba The Jewish Emergence from Powerlessness Bauer, Y  
417 I Be To Jerusalem and Back Bellow, S  
418 I Be Israel: Years of Challenge Ben-Gurion, D  
419 I Bi My Enemy, Myself Binur, Y  
420 I Ch The Six-Day War Churchill, R & W  
421 I Co War for Redemption and Peace Cornfeld, G (ed.)  
422 I Da Living with the Bible Dayan, M  
423 I Eb Israel: the first 40 years Eban, A  
424 I Ei Sadat's Strategy Eidelberg, P  
425 I Ei About Zionism Einstein, A  
426 I Fr From Beirut to Jerusalem Freedman, T  
427 I Fr Germany, Turkey and Zionism 1897-1918 Friedman, I  
428 I Ga The Glory of Jerusalem Gafni, S & van der Hayden, A  
429 I Gi One Jerusalem Giladi, Y  
430 I Gi Exile and Return Gilbert, M  
431 I Gi Jerusalem, the Rebirth of a City Gilbert, M  
432 I Gi The Arab-Israeli Conflict Gilbert, M  
433 I Go The War of Independence Golan, A  
434 I Go The Jewish Paradox Goldman, N  
435 I Go The Fruits of The Holy Land Goor, A & Nuroch, M  
436 I Gr The Yellow Wind Grossman, D  
437 I Gr The Yellow Wind Grossman, D  
438 I Ha In King David's Footsteps Habe, H  
439 I He A People that Dwells Alone Herzog, Y  
440 I Is The Six Day War Israel Defence Forces  
441 I Ja The Red and The Blue Jacobs, S (ed.)  
442 I Je Front Page Israel Jerusalem Post  
443 I Je Front Page Israel Jerusalem Post  
444 I JN Teaching Israel in the Classroom - Month by Month JNF  
445 I Ka Battle Ground - Fact and Fantasy in Palestine Katz, S  
446 I Ka The Hollow Peace Katz, S  
447 I Ki Both Sides of The Hill Kimche, J  
448 I Ki The Unromantics Kimche, J  
449 I Ki The Unromantics Kimche, J  
450 I Kl Chaim Weizmann Klimov, I (ed.)  
451 I Ko Promise and Fulfilment Koestler, A  
452 I La The Israeli Mind Laffin, J  
453 I La The Israeli Mind Laffin, J  
454 I La The Antiquities of Jordan Lancaster-Harding, G  
455 I La Israel at 40 Landau, J  
456 I Le The Board and Zion Levenberg, S  
457 I Le The Middle East - 2000 years of history Lewis, B  
458 I Li The Israel-Diaspora Identity Crisis Lieler, I  
459 I Li The Road to Jerusalem Litvinoff, B  
460 I Ma The Knesset Mahler, G  
461 I Ma The Seat of Pilate Marlowe, J  
462 I Mi The Prophet Motive Mikes, G  
463 I Mo The Private Journal of a Visit to Egypt and Palestine Montefiore, J  
464 I Ov Israel Lives    
465 I Oz Israel, Palestine and Peace Oz, A  
466 I Pa Whose Land? Parkes, J  
467 I Pe Digging up the Bible Pearlman, M  
468 I Pe Historical Sites in Israel Pearlman, M  
469 I Pe Historical Sites in Israel Pearlman, M  
470 I Pe Peace Keeping on the Arab-Israeli Front Pelcovits, N  
471 I Pr The Economic War Against the Jews Prittie, T & Nelson, W  
472 I Ro Israel and the Arabs Rodinson, M  
473 I Ro Visions of the Temple Rosenau, H  
474 I Ro Masada Rothenberg, B  
475 I Ro Israel: Today and Yesterday Rothenberg, B (ed.)  
476 I Sc Genocide in the Holy Land Schoenfeld, M  
477 I Sh Israeli Democracy Shimshoni, D  
478 I Sm Israel, Pluralism and Conflict Smooha, S  
479 I St Israel in Pictorial Maps Stern, F  
480 I Su Understanding Israel - teacher's notes and workbook Sugarman, M & Elon, A  
481 I Sy Crossroads to Israel Sykes, C  
482 I Ta A Soldier in Search of Peace Tamin, A  
483 I Tu Bible and Sword Tuchman, B  
484 I Wa Women of Israel Waagenaar, S  
485 I Wi The Middle East Crisis Wint, G  
486 I Ya Bar Kokhba Yadin, Y  
487 I Ya Hazor Yadin, Y  
488 I Ya The Art of Warfare in Biblical  Times Yadin, Y  
489 I   A Woman of Valour    
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