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Interfaith and Social Action

Jake Colman

Interfaith and Social Action Coordinator
Jake Colman

I am a point of contact for the BWPJC community for Interfaith and Social Action activities. I am working closely with the community at Park Row Synagogue as well as other parts of the Jewish Community in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

A bit about me: I am a music therapist and community facilitator. I am also a trustee of Salaam-Shalom, a charity working to bring together Muslims and Jews through creative projects, dialogue and education.

I grew up in a non-practicing Jewish family, though in recent years I have found a huge amount of meaning through connecting with Jewish practice and community.

I believe that history has borne out such painful divisions between people along lines of religion, ethnicity, gender, and class, among others, as well as causing vast environmental destruction. I am interested in dismantling these inequalities, building bridges across these divisions, and healing these wounds in ourselves and the environment. As a human I yearn for Justice and Freedom for all of us, and as a Jew I feel the importance of the teaching: “You shall not oppress or mistreat a stranger, for you were strangers in Egypt” (Exodus 22:21-22).

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to invite us to speak at your event or community, if you’d like to arrange a visit to the synagogues, to discuss collaborating on a project or event with us, or for anything else relating to Interfaith and Social Action!


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