ALONIM, our Synagogue magazine, is published four times a year. It includes articles and photographs contributed by members and friends. There are many regular features and a wide range of content about the lives, interests and opinions of our members and friends. They include:

  • The Rabbi’s column
  • The Chair’s column
  • People’s working and creative lives
  • A piece about the Liturgy
  • Stories from people’s travels or other personal experiences
  • Synagogue events including photographs
  • Opinion pieces
  • Interviews
  • Poetry
  • Lamdeinu (our religion school)
  • Past sermons

The Editors won’t accept any anonymous or unattributed articles. Opinions expressed in Alonim do not necessarily reflect those of the Synagogue Council or the Editors.

Contributing to Alonim

Please email content to the Editors.

The Editors

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