Tree of Life

The BWPJC Tree of Life

BWPJC Tree of Life

The Tree is designed to provide a lasting celebration and memorial of the lives and events that have touched our Community in the past and into the future.

Designed by Hati Sparey-South and Kalev Israel, the Tree is made from hand cut wood veneers of different shades and colours.  ‘Leaves’, ‘fruit’ and ‘rocks’ have been added to the branches and base of the trunk. They are cut from high quality aluminium and engraved.

Leaves – celebrating a BWPJC member at the end of their life.  Their name and dates will be engraved on the leaf.

Fruit – celebrating important life events for members and their families – such as weddings or Bar Mitzvahs – with the details engraved on the fruit.

Rocks – a limited number will be engraved with details of very important people or events – such as Founder Members of the Community, or inauguration of a Rabbi.

Funding the tree

Creation of the tree has been funded by a donation from the estate of Josephine Brill.

All leaves commemorating the lives of BWPJC members will be donated from this fund and/or by the synagogue now and in the future. 

For members wishing to commemorate the lives of relatives, loved ones or significant events, the synagogue will ask for a donation for each ‘leaf’, ‘fruit’ or ‘rock’.  Suggested amounts will be decided once final production and engraving costs are known. 

We hope that the donations will also help to fund the tree for the future, as well as supporting other activities for the synagogue and the community.