Jewish tradition extols marriage but recognises that a breakdown of the relationship can occur, for a variety of causes, and so allows divorce. According to traditional Jewish law, a get (bill of divorce) is required for every Jewish marriage that is dissolving, whether or not there was a religious wedding ceremony. From its beginnings, the Liberal movement has objected strongly to the inequalities of traditional Jewish divorce and therefore we do not require a get. Civil divorce is considered sufficient.

Liberal Judaism does recognise that some other denominations of Judaism do require a get and that some couples like to have one. In these cases the Liberal Judaism Rabbinic court (Beit Din) concerned with supervising status cases such as conversion and divorce can arrange for this. Liberal Judaism also offers a mutual sefer-k’ritut document of separation.

Follow this link to see the Liberal Judaism FAQ on divorce.

For further published information, see “Where we stand on Jewish Marriage” by Rabbi David Goldberg and “Guide to Jewish Marriage” by Rabbi John D. Rayner, both published by Liberal Judaism.