BWPJC Cheder

Milly Clifford – Head of Cheder

BWPJC Cheder teaches Hebrew language and the principles of Judaism to all children in the synagogue community, from early years through to bar and bat mitzvah.

Our vision is that all children will have pride in being Jewish and the knowledge to express their Jewishness with confidence.

BWPJC Cheder teachers create a friendly, engaging and fun environment, which focuses on being part of a community family and exploring our shared values and culture. In addition to Jewish Studies and Hebrew, BWPJC Cheder embraces the social aspect of learning and provides opportunities throughout the year to build friendships, confidence and identity – for example, through art projects, outdoor activities, cooking classes and the summer picnic.

BWPJC Cheder normally runs during term time on Saturday mornings. Online classes run on Sunday mornings, during periods of lockdown. Teachers and organisers are volunteer members of the community. Please contact the Head of Cheder if you would like to help.

Important Links

Cheder Breaktime Risk Assessment

General Risk Assessment template

Cheder offsite trips Risk Assessments

Medical Information and Emergency Contact Form

BWPJC Safguarding Children and Adults Policy

Chai Curriculum

BWPJC Cheder follows the Chai curriculum. More information, resources and links are available here

Hebrew Curriculum

BWPJC Cheder follows a selection of teaching materials here

All teaching materials provided here are subject to copyright. Please be aware that copyright laws limit our use of these materials only for the purpose of teaching in BWPJC Cheder.


More information to prepare an assembly is available here.