Baby Blessings and Brit Milah

The circumcision of a baby boy symbolizes God’s covenant with the Jewish people. A Brit Milah is normally performed on the eighth day after the child’s birth, even if it falls on Shabbat or a holiday, by a Mohel (circumciser), who has been specially trained in the traditional Jewish way of doing it. Postponements are permitted, however, if the health of the child warrants. If you wish to get in touch with a Mohel, we suggest contacting Dr. Howard Cohen

Babies of members are usually blessed within the first few months of birth. This ceremony enables parents to thank God for the safe delivery of their child together with relatives and friends and allows members of Communities to share this special moment and welcome the child into the community. The family are called up before the congregation on a Shabbat morning and the child is given his or her Hebrew name and formally welcomed into our community. Many Liberal Jewish parents follow the ancient custom of giving a child a ‘Hebrew’ name. Please contact us if you would like any further information.