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Adult Education


Adult Education: Hebrew Class
Wednesdays 6:30pm – 7:15pm

Adult Education: Judaism Class
Wednesdays 7:30pm – 9:00pm

All members are welcome to attend.   £7 suggested donation for non-members/ friends of BWPJC if you are able. Open to those simply wanting to strengthen their Jewish knowledge as well as those who are starting on their Jewish journey. Syllabus to be published on the website.

If you are interested, please email:

Beginnings (for Newbies) 13-Jan-21
The Jewish Year and Calendar 20-Jan-21
Mitzvah Learning 2—Welcoming the Stranger 27-Jan-21
History of Jewish Music 03-Feb-21
Shabbat 1—Biblical origins 10-Feb-21
Festivals—Purim 24-Feb-21
Shabbat 2—How the Torah’s concepts became Shabbat ritual & practice 03-Mar-21
Shabbat 3—Shabbat in the 21st century 10-Mar-21
Festivals—Pesach 1—Introduction to the Shlosh regalim & Biblical Pesach 17-Mar-21
Festivals—Pesach 2—The Haggadah, prep, and Counting the Omer 24-Mar-21
Life Cycle 1—Birth and education (including bar mitzvah) 14-Apr-21
Life Cycle 2—Weddings, commitment ceremonies, divorce 21-Apr-21
Festivals—Shavuot—Unpacking the 10 commandments. Why we celebrate Shavuot, study all night, etc. 28-Apr-21
Preparing a mini session for Shavuot service 05-May-21

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