Your Jewish Journey

The path towards conversion to Judaism is one requiring substantial commitment. We and Liberal Judaism welcome sincere converts to Judaism. The course, usually lasting at least fifteen months, is administered and validated centrally by Liberal Judaism, but is taught at our Synagogue here in Bristol.

An applicant is first interviewed by our Rabbi to ascertain that the motives for conversion are for the sake of embracing the Jewish religion and in order to assist the applicant to make an informed decision. We also insist upon some preliminary reading and experience of Jewish life and worship. Usually, the applicant attends Synagogue Services for at least three months before s/he embarks upon a formal course of instruction.

The course consists of lessons in Jewish religion, Jewish history, Jewish literature and the Hebrew language. During the course, the applicant is supported by the Community to gain personal experience of all the Jewish festivals in the annual cycle and to begin to feel themselves as part of a Jewish Community.

When the Rabbi is satisfied that a sufficient basis of Jewish knowledge and experience has been acquired, the candidate is asked to submit two essays and then appears before the Rabbinic Board of Liberal Judaism (with three Rabbis sitting). If they are satisfied with the sincerity of the candidate, they sign a certificate indicating their approval. The sponsoring Rabbi also signs the certificate.

The candidate then has an Admittance Ceremony in our Community at which the candidate affirms their status as a Jew.

Please note that conversion through the Liberal Movement will not be accepted as valid by orthodox communities; however other progressive congregations throughout the world (Reform, Liberal) will accept it.

Additional content: Liberal Judaism conversion for helping you learn more about the process and Judaism.

Suggested Reading List

Essential Judaism by George Robinson

Liberal Judaism: A Judaism for the 21st Century (Pete Tobias)

The Jewish Home (Daniel B. Syme)

Everyday Holiness (Alan Morinis)

Jewish Traditions (Ronald Eisenberg)

If you are interested please contact us to learn more.