Keeping in Touch

Keeping in Touch’: the KIT team @ BWPJC

The Covid pandemic and lockdown brought with it feelings of isolation (literal and emotional), loneliness and anxiety.

The guidance to support those who are emotionally fragile is a Jewish teaching: Bikur Cholim, though the translation ‘The Sick Visit’ is more specific than our current understanding of all the vulnerabilities we can, at different times, need support through.

A KIT team was formed, led by two experienced members of the community. The KIT approach is simple: call people on the phone, be friendly, enquire and listen. We are not therapists and do not try to solve anything. But we hope to bring a smile to someone’s face so they can experience the warmth and reassurance of human contact.

The KIT team are all members of our community as are the recipients of our calls. We also reach out to new members. Being restricted to Zoom services and online learning is hard for everyone but we want new members to feel something of the warmth they will receive when they are able, finally, to come to shul in person.

If you would like to join us on the KIT team, or if you know of someone who would benefit from a KIT call, please contact us (and it goes without saying that people can opt out of receiving calls too; just let us know): please email