Life Cycle Events

An important part of belonging to a community is having a support network available to share significant life events.  Many life events involve customs and rituals which have been passed-down from one generation to the next as part of the long tradition of Judaism.  We have a vibrant and active community and regularly celebrate a variety of members’ life events at the synagogue.

Over the past year we have rejoiced at the birth of children as well as hosted several b’nei mitzvot.  We have celebrated weddings and marked milestone anniversaries at the synagogue.  We have also shared in mourning with members who have lost loved ones.  To learn more about the various life events that we celebrate and commemorate at BWPJC, please click on the individual links above for each of the various events.

Contact details for Life Cycle Events

For a brit milah, baby naming, or a funeral, please contact the Rabbi.  (In the event of  the Rabbi’s unavailability, another experienced member of the community may be available to assist).

For B’nei Mitzvot: Contact the Secretary.

For Weddings: Contact the Secretary.

For Remembrance Prayers: Contact the Secretary.