Schapiro Library

Welcome to the Schapiro Library

The Schapiro Library

Our library is named after Jo Schapiro, one of our founding members, who was its librarian for many years. We are grateful to members past and present for donations of funds and, in particular to our late friend Peter Henriques, who bequeathed the congregation a substantial amount of money to spend on books. We are extremely proud of our library which we’ve recently refurbished. The library has about 900 books on a wide range of subjects of Jewish interest. As well as the complete Encyclopaedia Judaica, there is a variety of Hebrew Bibles and commentaries, Talmud, History, Siddurim (prayer books), Journals, Fiction, General Judaism and Progressive Judaism.

Children’s Library

There is also a very well stocked Children’s Library.

The library is a valuable resource for our members and for the wider community.

Borrowing books

Members of the congregation may borrow any books for up to one month, apart from titles in the Reference (M) section, which should not leave the library. BWPJC members can borrow reading books and visitors are welcome to browse the library. Books can be lent to non-members for a small charge on request.

The library catalogue

To browse the catalogue please click here. To find a title, press Ctrl+F while on the catalogue and type your search word.

If you have any questions about the library or suggestions for titles you would like to see, please contact us.